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Monthly Training Fee

Monthly Training Fee

SKU: 0004

Our recurring monthly fee for training your dog is $800.00. 


    Warranty & Return Policy

    We require all puppies that are sold to be seen by a vet within 7 days of purchase date for a general health checkup. If the initial vet visit is omitted, our entire health warranty is voided. If the veterinarian finds the dog to be in poor health, the dog must be immediately returned to Duckhill Kennels at the expense of the buyer within 10 days for a full refund or replacement of equal value, unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon. Failure to see a veterinarian within 7 days will void all guarantees.

    If, for any reason, the buyer decides this is not the puppy for their family, the buyer may bring the puppy back to Duckhill Kennels at the buyer's expense with 10 days for a full refund (minus shipping, training and veterinarian fees) or replacement puppy. Duckhill Kennels will only replace a puppy one time.

    This warranty does NOT include worms, fleas, mites, coccidiosis, giardia, or any other parasites as they are common in dogs and puppies. Any and all hernia repairs do NOT warrant a replacement puppy as it is not life threatening and in no way interferes with the quality of life for the puppy.

    Duckhill Kennels assumes NO responsibility for veterinarian or shipping fees.

    All puppies are sold as pets only as defined.



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