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Sire & Dam

Parents - Selection & Sires/Dams

If you want to purchase an exceptional trained

gundog- one that really stands out- don't buy it

from Duckhill. We keep the truly great ones for

our own breeding program. Our goal is to be the

best place to buy a puppy that will grow up to be

a great gundog.

Our puppies' parents are great gundogs and even

better family dogs. All of our potential breeding

dogs are trained, screened and selected by

Robert Milner. He has trained well over 2,000

dogs throughout his career, and has a great deal

of skill at recognizing the natural behaviors of

value in young gundogs. We select for breeding

dogs that are exceptional in the traits and

behaviors that produce great gundogs and faithful companions. Our breeding selection criteria:

1. Gamefinding Initiative
2. Calm, Pleasant Disposition
3. High in Intelligence and Easy to Train
4. Natural Delivery to Hand

Our goal is to breed a dog that is easy for the average person to train with gentle, positive training techniques. To that end, we strive to breed a dog that excels with positive training, and we also offer simple, effective training methods available through books, seminars and our website,

Because puppies- like children- are eager students, we also offer a puppy headstart program to insure your puppy gets the right start in life.

Retired Duckhill Sires and Dams


Duckhill Banjo

Duckhill Encore's Sundance

Tudorcourt Twigs Shadow

Legacy Sires

Duckhill's Duke of Ogilvie

Duckhill's Geronimo of Ogilvie

Duckhill's Major Event of Ogilvie

( Major )



Duckhill Brackenfen

( Bracken )

Duckhill Red Ruby

Duckhill Maid Marion

Duckhill's Dashing Daphne

Duckhill Otter's Ebony

Duckhill's Rolling Meadow


Duckhill Stellar Event ( Stella )


Duckhill Wendy Bird

Legacy Dams

Duckhill Calla of Ogilvie


Duckhill Sailor's Zephyr Wind of Ogilvie

Duckhill Maggie of Ogilvie

Duckhill Whoa Nellie of Ogilvie


Duckhill Clementine of Ogilvie

Duckhill Echo's Avon of Ogilvie

Duckhill Tweed of Ogilvie

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