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Canoe Labradors

Our canoe Labradors are bred to be a smaller size. They typically range from 35 to 50 lbs. They are small enough to jump out of a canoe without capsizing it. They also bring less water back into the canoe on their return.

The canoe labs are small in size but still bred for all the qualities you expect in a British Labrador: Calm nature, trainability, natural delivery to hand, and game-finding initiative.


Our canoe Labrador puppies are priced at $2,000 and come with full registration. A $500 deposit will reserve one.

Our sires for canoe-size labs are Tudorcourt Twig's Shadow, Tibea Duckflight, and Duckhill Sailors Return. Duckflight and Sailor are also Legacy Labs. All three are excellent gundogs and weigh in at 50 lbs each.

For information on the current availability of puppies please email

For information of current availability of puppies please email

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