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Explosive Detection Dogs

We breed and train Labrador Retrievers as scent detection dogs. We conduct a carefully structured development program for our maturing puppies that helps prepare them for life as an explosive detection dog. Our puppy development activities include:

1. From weaning puppies are required to sit to "buy" all meals with a sit.

2. Puppies are well socialized and exposed to a variety of stimuli through trips to neighboring towns and with nature hikes throughout our 200 acre establishment.

3. Basic obedience is taught through operant conditioning with positive reinforcement.

4. Puppies are pre-programmed to offer a "sit alert" in the presence of a target odor. They are put through a development program of operant conditioning of a passive alert, "sit" response to the odor of gunpowder.

5. Puppies are exposed and accustomed to a wide spectrum of noises including: gunfire, cannon fire, combat noises, sirens, fireworks and heavy machinery.

6. Puppies are taught to master a "confidence course" comprised of: Aluminum boat, Swinging bridge, tight tunnels, stairs, ladders, concrete rubble piles.

Our explosive detection dog training program is modeled on the British Army AES (Arms and Explosive Search) Dog program.

Our explosive detection dogs are trained to operate off leash under handler control and direction out to 200 meters. Their indication of explosive odor is the passive alert "sit".

We sell young Labradors to government and law enforcement agencies to enter into their own explosive detection dog training programs.

We also sell fully trained explosive detection Labradors

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