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British Labradors of Excellence

If you want gentle training; If you want breeding selection for the essential behaviors of the excellent gundog, come to the Original. Come to Robert Milner's Duckhill Kennels

About Us

Duckhill Kennels continues the original model of breeding a sensitive tractable dog that equally excels as house dog or duck dog or upland dog. As owner of Wildrose Kennels, Robert Milner brought the British Labrador program to the U.S. in the early 1980's. At Wildrose Kennels he also began the development of a gentle training process for retriever gundogs, with the publication of Robert Milner's Retriever Training for the Duck Hunter. Duckhill Kennels continues that tradition and quest for breeding of cooperative sensitive dogs and a simplified gentle training process. Milner's goal is to empower the duck hunter to train his retriever into an excellent gundog and conservator of game.

Robert Milner founded Wildrose Kennels and remained owner operator until 1995 when he sold Wildrose Kennels. He pioneered gentle retriever training and the breeding of dogs to fit that gentle training process. Milner first began importing British Labradors and breeding them in the early 1980's for their wonderful qualities of calm demeanor, great hunting initiative, and ease of training.



For Puppy Availability and Upcoming Litters

Call Mauri at 901-846-6119

New Arrivals

Breeding Criteria

At Duckhill Kennels we conduct a selective breeding program aimed at producing puppies that will become excellent gundogs and excellent family dogs. Further, we strive to breed dogs that the average novice trainer can train with gentle training methods.

Dog Training We Offer



DuckHill Kennels
350 Bailey Morrison Dr
Somerville, TN 38068
Phone: 901-846-6119

We are approximately 30 miles east of Memphis, Tennessee

For puppy availability or general inquiries, contact or call the office at


For inquiries about started or finished working dogs, contact or 901-846-6119.

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