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    My pup is 14 weeks old and I mistakenly started giving her marked retrieves and just letting her go without having her wait for a signal or sit and wait for my command. I just started trying to steady her by throwing bumpers and making her sit on a platform and picking them up myself. Every time I throw a bumper she will immediately try and get out of sit and run to the bumper, when she does this I make her sit and wait but she will bark and whine and when I go to retrieve the bumper she will sometimes hop off the platform and run to get it. Is there a better way to do this and what should I do when she leaves the platform while I am walking towards the bumper.

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    Back it up to smaller steps. She needs to develop some self control, so longer periods of sitting watching distractions and getting payment (of treats) for the gradually increasing duration of sitting. Here is a video clip. You need to break the steps down in this video and accomplish them in a number of sessions spread over a week or two, always structuring so that the dog is successful. Emphasize sitting quietly for longer and longer time periods.

    Steadying with Buccleuch Temperance
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