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    I asked about steadying my dog Rouge about a month ago and since then she has come a long way and will wait for my command for all land retrieves when I throw the bumper. The problem I noticed now is when I introduce gunfire or water retrieves. She can not hold herself back she continuously barks and pulls me forward and won't stop. My question is how do I fix this, for land retrieves I would just go pick up the bumper and not let her retrieve it but that is not an option in the water. I tried the waiting until she settles down but she keeps barking for long periods of time and won't stop pulling until I remove her from the situation. I was thinking of getting a bark collar to tone down her overall barking around the house as well as any sign of steadiness during a water retrieve give her treats until she gradually learns to stay still and silent. What do you think is the best way to go about this? The dog has a ton of drive and just needs to be settled down.


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    1. Get her a lot more steady on land - increase greatly the time interval before the retrieve- then increase the distraction level by adding shooting, honoring other dogs, etc.
    2. on land, greatly increase the denials. Throw lot more retrieves that she does not get to retrieve (you or another dog retrieves them) Give her no more than one retrieve out of 20 falls.
    3. nearly all of her retrieves on land should be memory retrieves in which you walk out with her at heel, drop a dummy and heel her back to the starting point. Then turn and send her for the dummy.
    3. Then go back and try the water again. Sit her (on lead), toss a dummy out 6 feet, look at your watch and wait at least three minutes, then give her a treat. If she is not interested in the treat, wait until she is. When she is calm enough to eat a treat, then give her the 6 ft retrieve.
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