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    My name is Robert Ritchie. I am 32 years old and bought my first dog a british lab about nine months ago. i did not buy it from Robert as i had not heard of his kennel at the time. I bought him from Huntfield Kennels in MS. I asked local trainers in my area ideas on training books and videos on what they used and I started to use those. What made me hesitate was I ran across a Rick Flippin video on operant conditioning and I was like wow this is much better. I however at the time could not find enough info to take me from start to finish with the gundog. So after haveing the puppy at home a few months of training him with a place board and steadying him in the home and out in the yard I was still confused on how to take it further. I gave up on that method and went back to my book and started training that way. What I found was when I got to the collar conditioning portion in the book I wound up having a very confused dog. I knew that day in the field while training I was not good enough for that type of training I needed something different. That is when I found all of this information with this forum and Robert's videos and training course. I am very happy that I stumbled upon the info here. I have booked a training seminar in April and hope to learn much more. Any advice you all can give will help trememdously. This is my first dog to train ever and I am positive I have made many mistakes in just 9 months. One of the worst and the one that scares me most was giving him an unrestricted duck this past duck season. I did not hunt him but after the hunt I went and got him out of the kennel to run out in the water as it was a good warm day and I had killed only one duck that moring I was not thinking at all and as he was out goofing off in the water I hollered his name and tossed the duck out. He took off like he was shot from a cannon not like the normal tosses I had been doing. He picked him up and when I bent down to welcome him back he got about 5 yards from me and took off. He wouldnt let me within 10 yards after that and I quit advancing and drove away. 45 minutes later he showed back up. When I put him up I went back to the spot I last saw him and there were 3 feathers there. Since then he has not had a duck and I am nervous to see what will happen when I try to introduce them again. but I have to live with the current mistakes I have made and try to make the best of him. He is very smart and learns quickly specially now that I have quit confusing him. I am hooked though and want to learn as much as possible.


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    Hello Robert. Welcome to the forum. Don't worry about a young dog eating a duck. It is not a big deal. Many years ago when I was running field trials, I had a dog with whom I had been a little too heavy with the electric collar. He tended to walk into the water on water blinds. I found that feeding him a live duck just before his turn came up for the water blind created a fantastic water entry. I made it is a regular practice at field trials to feed him a duck just before the water blind. It did not affect his retrieving skill nor did it affect his gentle delivery to hand.
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    Welcome!I had/have many of the sentiments you are feeling with your pup! I just got my first pup, she is 4 months old, and we are having a ball of a time. However, I know I have made some mistakes as well.Keep your head up, and focus on what you are doing well. I tend to focus on what we did wrong. Always keep the positives of training sessions at the forefront. -Thomas

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