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    I am Robert Ritchie. I am brand new to gundog training. I purchased my fox red british lab in July of 2014. he is progressing nicely i believe at 9 months old and is a pleasure to have in the home. When i was getting this dog i was researching many training methods and came across the operant conditioning. What i didnt find right off was enough information on the training from start to finish so i got nervous and listened to others that said your not going to be able to train that way. So i listened and at 8 months of age i was trying to start collar conditioning and all that happened was i could clearly tell i had a very confused dog. To start out when he was a puppy i used a place board and clicker and treats to train place, kennel, sit, sit with distractions at a young age he had developed a steadiness i never thought he would. but i started reading the book i was going to train with and got through all of the obedience moving to collar conditioning and as stated earlier i had a very confused dog. at that point out in the field it hit me... everything i taught the pup inside the house with cliker and treats this dog knows pretty much flawlessly. So out in the field where i was training that day i decided i was going to hope i had not done to much damage to him and was going to go the operant coditioning route. I get some laughs when i try to tell the local hunters and back yard trainers around here what i am doing and i finally decided i do not care what they think. I am going to try and get as much information on this subject and try my best to make him the dog he should be. I can see it inside of him, he has potential i just hope that i have not messed him up to this point and hope i can learn enough to bring it out in him. He is now 9 months old, is this to old to be changing training methods?? gosh i hope not. Well that is a little about me and my training so far hope to get some good tips that can help me get this dog where i know he can be!!!

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    Hello Robert,
    Welcome the forum.

    A dog is never too old to change training models. He is also never too old to learn. Those principles only apply to many humans.

    Best Regards,
    Robert Milner

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