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Thread: What is the deal with this sight.

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    Default What is the deal with this sight.

    Seems like every couple of weeks somebody private emails me and threatens to kick ya off the sight if you don't respond etc to them and of course is says duckhill administration on the bottom.

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    It's a wonderful ongoing trend that we're suffering through right now but we're not alone. We are working to eliminate this problem, but unfortunately, every time we put something in place to stop one, another finds a way in. SO, when you get something like this in the future, PM it to me immediately and I'll take care of it.

    And just for the record, regardless of whatever the username/signature lines say, the only people who have the ability to kick you off the sight are Robert Milner, Sam Earle, and me - the simple way to determine this is look under the username for "Administrator" or "Super Moderator" or "Moderator" and that's who you need to listen to on things like this. Everything else is just spam.


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    Default Yeah

    I just seem to only see the problem on duckhill. Not the other sights I use. Figured it must be a dog thing, all I meant by my post.

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    No worries. I just didn't want you getting irritated and leaving. We've been fighting these idiots on at least 10 different forums and they keep changing their attack and getting by whatever blocks we put up. NOW, however, I've put a PM qualification up which means you have to have 10 posts made before you can send a PM. It's basically the "nuclear option," but it's worked in cutting this stuff down on other boards.

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