We are very proud to say that our Puppy Headstart program has been so successful in imprinting and conditioning young pups to working dog behaviors that we often have customers ask "What happens between the conclusion of Headstart at 4 months and the beginning of Gundog Training at 8 months?"

We still highly encourage puppy owners to take home their pups at 16 weeks after the Headstart program in order to socialize the pups outside of the kennel environment. Expose them to strangers, cityscapes, children, crowds, traffic, etc. Also, this is an important bonding time for you and your new family companion!

However, if an excellent gundog is the direction your companion is headed, consider our Pre-Gundog Training program for pups 4-8 months old. This option is designed for:

1) Customers who took their pups home at 8 weeks and would like to capture the Headstart behaviors now that you have bonded and socialized the pup at home.

2) Customers who took their pups home at 16 weeks, spend a couple of months with them bonding, and then send them back for a month or two of continued education.

3) Customers who bought a puppy elsewhere and would like to take advantage of our training program.

4) Customers who would like to leave the pups here through Headstart, Pre-Gundog, and Gundog and pick up a 'finished' dog at 1 year old.

With this many possibilities, we hope to be able to provide a wider range of services to our gundog clients!

The fee for Pre-Gundog training is $400/month - one month minimum.

Feel free to contact us for availability, pricing, and scheduling a tour or appointment.
Liz London: liz@duckhillkennels.com