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Thread: British Trial at Duckhill

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    Default British Trial

    I am planing on attending the trial on the 11th. Does anybody know what time it will start.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WDSprings View Post
    Just like Tony the timing is not good for me as during long weekends and holidays I try and visit the lake house in Missouri. I would love to meet you guys and I sure I will some day at a future event. I haven't posted much lately as the weather is better and I'm doing more outside training.

    I also lost my 10-year-old hunting buddy three weeks ago and that's been tough. Buck seemed in good health, but was slowing down quite a bit. On a routine Vet visit they found some evidence in a blood test that he was having some difficulty processing the protein in his food. They put him on low protein diet and a week later he started vomiting and he also looked blotted. After several days at the Vet and testing the diagnoses was major kidney disease that could have been going on for some time. Just like any filter they work fine up to the point of major failure and three days after he came home I had to have him put down.

    Having the 11 month old pup has been a God send and although Buck death was shock, we all know those days come and there is some relief in that I didnít have to watch him go down hill over a long period of time.



    My heart felt sympathy goes out. The old saying gone but never forgotten come to mind. As others have stated tears come on remembrance of great times along with a even bigger smile. I am sure he is waiting in the duck blind for you to come and have a good day.

    When you start trying to make it complicated you make the training job more difficult.
    Robert Milner

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    Default Thanks a bunch

    Many people don't understand how much time we spend with our dogs and if we know their faults and come to love them as they are. That's ok because they loved us when we didn't know what we were doing during the early years of training.

    I so enjoy hearing about the excitement of one of you getting a new puppy, someone having fun at a retriever trial, and discussing the issues we all face as we train and work with our dogs.

    It's all good, I hope I'm live long enough to experience it all several more times.


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    Will, I believe the trial starts at 9:00 am.
    "If you train a young dog for momentum, precision will arrive. If you train for precision, demanding perfection, momentum will depart."
    ~Rex Carr

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    I'll be there and thought about entering my finished lab, (not my little female I'm usually asking advice) about but don't know enough about trials. We do the hunt tests and I'm scared to make a fool out of myself so I think I'll be a spectator, and learn some things.
    Also, WD Springs so sorry to here about your dog I couldn't imagine. I know it's heart breaking because they become like kids to a lot of us. Our prayers are with you and your family!

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