British Field Trial at DuckHill – April 11, 2009

April 11, 2009 we will conduct a British Field Trial at Duck Hill Kennels. This will be a one-day, 12-dog event run under British Kennel Club rules. The judges will be Robin Watson, an “A Panel” judge and noted gundog trainer from England, and Bill Gibson, an experienced American gundog trainer, who has run in retriever competitions in the UK.

All retrieves will be of shot flyers. Birds will be pheasants, chuckers, pigeons, and ducks.
Entry fee will be $50 to cover cost of birds.

Entries will be accepted until March 24.

On March 25 at 2:00 pm we will have a drawing. All are invited to attend the drawing if they wish. The first 12 applicants drawn will be the competing dogs. We will draw 2 reserves in case of cancellations. Those applicants who are not drawn will be refunded their entry fee. Send entries (with check payable to DuckHill Kennels) to:

Robert Milner
Duckhill Kennels
350 Bailey Morrison Dr
Somerville TN 38068

We will have a dinner the night of the 11th and talk about setting up a British Lab Breeders Association to promote British Labs and the good qualities thereof. We will also discuss setting up a circuit of British Field Trials.

On Sunday the 12th we will have a seminar on the mechanics and judging of British style Field Trials.

All are encouraged to attend and/or to enter their dogs.

The tests will be of two categories; (1)walk-up in a line with birds being flushed and shot. (2) Pass shooting with high thrown birds being shot to fall where they may.

In general terms you can expect that steadiness, manners, delivery to hand will be strenuously tested. Expect to handle your dog in a walkup line with up to 6 dogs in line as well. Expect to work in a line and honor with up to 6 dogs on line in the pass shooting.

The tests will be determined by where the birds land, and each dog will have a different test accordingly. There is never a “no bird” in a British Field Trial. The dogs will be expected to find the bird wherever it happens to fall. Also thoroughly tested will be game-finding initiative and perseverance of hunting. Also be ready for demanding blind retrieves. (Leaving the short obvious retrieves lying in order to go for the long unseen cripple in heavy cover).