The Birth of the Labrador Retriever


Robert Milner's one-day seminar is on the internet at

We use positive reinforcement to produce Excellent Gundogs. Compared to traditional compulsion training, our training methods are:

  1. easier on your dog
  2. easier for you to learn
  3. simpler for you to administer
  4. can be applied to a young puppy
  5. produce excellent gun dogs in 1/3rd the time that compulsion training takes.

Learn the training protocols to train your dog positively in the two fundamental behaviors required of a great gundog. Those behaviors are:

  1. Remain steady and calm in a high distraction environment such as 100 ducks coming in with 6 shotguns shooting.
  2. Go for the long unseen cripple even when there are 6 dead ducks floating in front of the blind.

The nearly 3 hours of online, streaming video are delivered to you in 5 separate segments. Watch'em as many times as you want!

Go to to register. Cost is $29.99